In the second week of June, due to incessant rains and a series of cloud bursts, there was a massive flood in Dharchula and its adjoining areas. The water levels of the river Kaali reached unprecedented levels and swept away lives, homes and vast area of arable lands. Most of the bridges and roads to Dharchula have been washed away and the region is cut off from the rest of the nation. The destruction has been massive and loss of lives and property has left people in dire need of help and relief.

Despite the tragedy, the Dharchula region has been largely neglected by the State Government. Much has been lost and the people of Dharchula have been abandoned and left to the mercy of their fate. Rung Kalyan Sanstha (RKS) with the help of the local groups and volunteers in the region is spearheading the relief efforts. RKS is a selfless local voluntary body and works for the development of the Rung community in the three valleys of Byans, Chaudas and Darma. RKS is headquartered in Dehradun and has local chapters in major cities and towns of India. We ask you to join us in the relief efforts and help alleviate the suffering of the people of the Dharchula region.

The onset of the long monsoons has brought in urgency to the relief work. Stranded need to be air-lifted, shelters need to be provided, river embankments have to be re-built and strengthened, roads and bridges need to re-aligned and built, the list goes on and on. The road to recovery is definitely hard but the determination and the will of our people will triumph grief and suffering. 


Impacted Locations -

  1. Baluwakot
  2. Bangabagar
  3. Bidang
  4. Dantu
  5. Dharchula
  6. Dugtu
  7. Galati
  8. Galfai
  9. Gothi
  10. Jauljibi
  11. Nangling
  12. Sobla
  13. Tawaghat
  14. Teedang
  15. Teejyam
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